Vale De Cavaleiros

Extension to the north of the existing commercial port located west of the island of Fogo (south of the Cape Verde archipelago). The expansion includes the extension of 300l of the main dike and the construction of a dike against the north with a depth of -5 m.

14.933134, -24.404373

The added value of CLI

The project shows particularities: Connection between the old breakwater built with CORE-LOC™ units and the extension built with ACCROPODE™ II units.

An excavated trench around the North roundhead. (tested at ARTELIA laboratory) for stabilising the toe of the amour layer against the powerful storm occurring on this area.

Special features of the project

MITT – ENAPOR has awarded CPTP S.A the expansion of the Vale de Cavaleiros port project. The port is located on the island of Fogo.

The project consists in expanding and modernising the port, the objective is to ensure year-round safe and efficient seaport operations on the island of Fogo.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Length of south Breakwater: 350 m
  • Length of north breakwater: 150m
  • Max. water depth (toe): - 4.5m
  • Top of the crest: +6m
  • Design wave Hs: 5.9 m Wave period Tp: 16 s
  • 3D model test: ARTELIA 2011

Construction aspect

  • ACCROPODE™ II units produced onsite
  • Up to 14 lines in the slope
  • ACCROPODE™ II sizes: 3 & 6 m3
  • 3858 No ACCROPODE™ II units
  • Concrete quantity: 13 407 m3
  • Excavated trench roundhead toe area at the North breakwater
  • Transition between trench toe and standard toe
  • Reinforcement toe built with concrete cube
Cape Verde
2011 - 2012
Role of CLI
Concession contract and technical assistance for ACCROPODE™ II units

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