Are you looking for a team of experts with unrivalled experience, team building capacity, who is happy to assist you for all the engineering aspects of your projects, equally at ease in the laboratory and on-site, and available to respond quickly to all your requests? Welcome to CLI world!

Skilled and accessible knowledge

Thanks to its long and extensive track record of projects successfully built, the CLI team has acquired world-leading experience in the design assistance, laboratory testing and construction of breakwater armouring, always listening to the needs of the Clients, : Consultants, engineering firms, Contractors, developers, port Authorities, etc… 
With all the possibilities offered by today’s communication techniques, the CLI team is not just present on-site, but also easy to be remotely contacted in order to answer technical questions, to organize on-line training sessions, etc. In addition, CLI experts are capable of communicating in French, English, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Arabic languages and are used to work in a multicultural environment, always at side of their Clients.


The assurance of a responsive technical and commercial management

CLI Director Francesco Galante, marine engineer with more than 30 years of experience in design of marine & coastal structures all around the world, ensures to correctly deliver CLI worldwide experience. Francesco manages CLI with a pragmatic approach aimed at supplying contractors, partners, design offices, laboratories, private and public Authorities with a proper and tailored technical assistance to assure a correct and safe use of CLI technologies. Francesco will coordinate CLI’s research and innovation activity, thanks to his huge experience in different marine engineering fields (ports, coastal protections, offshore wind farms). In all these challenging tasks, Francesco is assisted by Mrs. Johann Chevalier (operational management assistant), Ms. Lucie Aubert and by ARTELIA engineers whenever needed.


The guarantee of optimal technical assistance

Our technical assistance team includes experts in single-layer technique, project managers with jobsite experience and a deep knowledge on concrete production and construction equipment, and a team of draftsmen able to develop placement drawings on basis of information supplied by the Contractors. The experts are entirely dedicated to the technologies marketed by CLI and have unsurpassed know-how in the provision of technical assistance. They also cooperate with Consultants, international engineering firms, design offices, contractors and hydraulic laboratories to ensure that the methods used to set up physical models are consistent with those used to place the actual blocks on-site.



CLI technologies contribute to the development of Biodiversity

Dive in with CLI experts and discover how ACCROPODE™ blocks can accommodate and nourish a marine biotic community.


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