Laboratory assistance

Maximise the benefits of laboratory tests on your concrete armour facing by obtaining assistance from CLI; they will be supervised by a multi-disciplinary specialist who is familiar not just with the modelling techniques but also with the unit placing procedures and the requirements of construction sites.


Studying and designing protective breakwaters inevitably involves performing 2D and 3D physical scale model tests on the structures. These tests accurately reproduce the characteristics of the project and the environmental constraints of the site, providing information that is vital in order to check that the technical design of the structure is perfectly in line with expectations and provides the level of safety required. 

CLI makes its expertise available on request in order to train the technicians in the laboratory concerned in positioning the model units on the 2D and 3D scale models to be tested.

The same CLI specialists operate both in laboratories and on construction sites. This multi-disciplinary expertise ensures that the model armour units are placed on the physical scale model in a manner consistent with that in which the actual units will be placed during the works. CLI’s guidance hence ensures that the tests are performed in optimal conditions.

The proximity of the laboratory operated by Sogreah/Artelia for nearly a century plays a key role in honing CLI’s methods and in training its specialists.

CLI provides hydraulics laboratories with the model units they need for their studies. A description of the unit types available can be found here. 

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