Compliance Certificate

The Compliance Certificate procedure increases safety to ultimate levels, by verifying that the units have been placed in strict accordance with the specifications.


While all the efforts made during the design, training and production stages aim to obtain a flawless armour facing, it is still vital to check that the result complies with the projections. For this purpose, CLI also places its expertise at your disposal during the works inspection phase.

Collaborating closely with all the players involved in construction, our accredited partners use state-of-the-art inspection tools geared to the local conditions (including performing underwater inspections) to check the conformity of the finished structure. On completion of this authentication process, CLI issues a Compliance Certificate (CC) attesting that the technique used is compliant.

To guarantee that all the project players are fully informed throughout the construction phase, we have developed a software application called CLI-CERTIFICATION-TOOL.

This collaborative platform designed to collect, centralise and share project-related information ensures that all the stakeholders are notified in real time as the inspections and acceptance procedures on each section of the structure are completed.

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