Upper Zakum oil field, artificial islands project North and West

Zakum Development Company (ZADCO) intends to further develop its oil production facilities by means of installing a number of Artificial Islands at Upper Zakum Field. ADNOC awarded construction works to National Marine Dredging Company for building four islands in Zakum Offshore field which is located approximately 84 km North West of Abu Dhabi and 50 km from Zirku Island.

24.915, 53.504

24.845, 53.504

The added value of CLI

All of the units were fabricated in the UAE onshore and transported offshore by barge during the construction.

Special features of the project

The project consists in protecting North and West Islands with ACCROPODE™ II units. Each island is a falcon-shaped structure having dimensions of 650 m by 450 m and is made with dredged material protected by artificial armouring. The most exposed parts of the North and West Islands are protected by ACCROPODE™ II units.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Length of ACCROPODE™ II structure: 2500 m for each island
  • Max. water depth (toe): -10m
  • Top of the crest: +5.65m
  • Design wave Hs: 4.8 m
  • Wave period Tp: 10.3 s
  • 2D model test: ARTELIA (Fr) in May 2011
  • 3D model test: HR Wallingford (UK) October 2011

Construction aspect

  • ACCROPODE™ II units produced onshore and transported by barge
  • Up to 21 lines in the slope
  • 49 000 No ACCROPODE™ II units 4m3 size
  • Concrete quantity: 196 000 m3
  • West island Placement in progress North island completed
  • Placement carried out with excavator, hydraulic block rotator and sling release system.
  • ECHOSCOPE™ and divers used for the placement Up to 8/9 units/hours
  • Fast placement achieved and all works approved immediatly
United Arab Emirates
Sogreah Gulf
2011 - 2013
Role of CLI
Sublicence granted to the Contractor and technical assistance provided during construction

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