Ras Laffan

Expansion of Ras Laffan LNG Port: 5 km of protection on the deepest portions of the north and south dikes and the offshore dike at the entrance of the new LNG port.

25.532287, 51.365469

The added value of CLI
  • The ACCROPODE™ placing had to be carried out in a very tight schedule. Several positioning systems were used in order to save time and increase the placing rate:
  • POSIBLOC™ system
  • ECHOSCOPE sonar
  • Video cameras

Hydraulic excavators were also used in order to increase the placing rate. All of the units were fabricated in Ajman (U.A.E) and shipped over during the construction.

Special features of the project

The project is located at the North east of Qatar, in the RAS LAFFAN Industrial city. The project consisted in the construction of two new breakwaters for the LNG PORT breakwaters in order to shelter the future LNG facilities.

These breakwaters are protected with artificial armour units such as cubes and ACCROPODE™ units. The ACCROPODE™ technology was selected to be placed at the most exposed areas of the two structures (north and south breakwaters).

Hydraulic conditions

  • Length of ACCROPODE™ protection: 4400 m
  • Max. water depth (toe):-13 m
  • Top of the crest: +8.9 m
  • Design wave Hs: 4.6 m
  • Wave period Tp: 11 s
  • HAT +1.86 m
  • 3D model tests: in Sogreah and DHI

Construction aspect

  • 70 000 ACCROPODE™ units fabricated
  • Fabrication abroad Transport of the units by barges.
  • Up to 24 lines in the slope (+4 on crest)
  • Placement carried out in 9 months
  • ACCROPODE™ sizes: 3 m3, 4 m3, 5 m3
  • Concrete quantity: 250 000 m3
Qatar Petroleum
Jan De Nul Dredging Ltd. – Boskalis Westminster Middle East Ltd. J.V.
Sogreah Consultant
2007 - 2008
Role of CLI
Sublicence granted to the Contractor and technical assistance provided during construction

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