Port de Pêche de Mussanah

Mussanah port is located 100 km North-West of Muscat (Oman). The owner is the MOAF (Ministry of Agriculture and fisheries).

23.785767034905, 57.646753585489

Special features of the project

STFA Contractor was awarded a contract for the construction of the port of Mussanah. The project involves two breakwaters of 950 m long and 850 m long protected with CORE-LOC™ units:

  • 20 075 units of 1.0m3
  • 777 units of 1.4m3 
  • 825 units of 1.5m3

The placement of units was performed with GPS and the supervision done by divers from February 2016 to January 2017.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Cumulated length of CORE-LOC™ breakwater: 1 800 m
  • Max. seabed depth (toe): -3.7 m
  • Top of the crest: +6.8 m (Round-head)
  • Design wave Hs: 3.8 m (Round-head)

Aspect construction

  • The CORE-LOC™ units were cast on the site.
  • CORE-LOC™ sizes: 1.0m3 , 1.4 m3 , and 1.5m3
  • 21 677 CORE-LOC™ units in total
  • Concrete quantity: 22 4003
  • The placement was performed with GPS and divers attendance
Ministère de l’Agriculture et de la Pêche
CES (Oman)
2016 - 2017
Role of CLI
Granting of the CORE LOC™ licence and technical assistance during construction

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