The owner developed a large luxury marina in Ospedaletti next to San Remo in Liguria (Italy). The project consisted in creating a marina protected by two breakwaters. The main breakwater is 600m long whereas the lee breakwater is 250 m long.

43.48191, 7.423662

Special features of the project

Both of these breakwaters are protected by ACCROPODE™ II units and ECOPODE™ units. The ACCROPODE™ II units have been placed under water and the ECOPODE™ units above sea level to improve the visual aspect of the project. The ECOPODE™ units have been produced thanks to fibreglass moulds fabricated in France.

The concrete was coloured in order to obtain the closest colour to the natural rocks in the area. Several types of pigments were used in order to make blends of one colour for each unit.

The placement of the units on the breakwater has been carried out in varying the colour of the blocks. The placement of the units was executed thanks to divers and cranes. These breakwaters are now on hold awaiting for the works to be completed.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Length of the breakwaters: 600m + 200m
  • Max. water depth: -9m
  • Deepest point of the structure: -10m
  • Top of the crest: +7m
  • Mediterranean sea

Construction aspect

  • Three sizes of ACCROPODE™ and ECOPODE™ units (4, 6, 8 m3).
  • 8 ECOPODE™ moulds of 4 m3
  • 6 ECOPODE™ moulds of 6 m3
  • 3 ECOPODE™ moulds of 8 m3
  • 8 ACCROPODE™ II moulds of 4 m3
  • 6 ACCROPODE™ II moulds of 6 m3
  • 6 ACCROPODE™ II moulds of 8 m3

Number of units to be produced:

  • ECOPODE ™ 4 m: 730
  • ECOPODE ™ 6 m: 1419
  • ECOPODE ™ 8 m: 676
  • ACCROPODE ™ II 4 m: 354
  • ACCROPODE ™ II de 6 m: 902
  • ACCROPODE ™ II 8 m: 611
Impresa Rosso SPA
Finanziaria Immobiliare
Studio Ing Rolando
2008 - 2011

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