Reinforcement of the Martigues CCG breakwater, France : an ACCROPODE™ II project

The BUESA/BTMF/NGE Génie Civil/GUINTOLI/EGIS EAU consortium has been commissioned by EDF INGEUM, to reinforce the existing rockfill breakwater, which total length is 325 metres.  

The breakwater's most exposed part to the swell will be protected by ACCROPODE™ II  blocks over a length of approximately 150 metres. The construction consortium will have to manufacture and place 910 ACCROPODE™ II concrete blocks of 3.0 m3.
CLI's representative assisted the company at the start of the manufacturing of the ACCROPODE™ II blocks. The company has been casting 10 blocks per day since mid-November 2022. CLI will return on site to train the works teams to the interlocking of the blocks in March/April 2023 when the placement of the blocks begins.