Port-la-Nouvelle, France - ACCROPODE™ II – ECOPODE™ - ACCROBERM™ II project (Occitanie Pyrénées – Méditerranée Region)

CLI has just completed the 12th Technical Assistance onsite visit for the Port-la-Nouvelle extension project, managed by the Occitanie Pyrénées – Méditerranée Region.
. The goal of this visit was to assist the Bouygues TP /TP RF & BOSKALIS Joint Venture in placing the ACCROPODE™ II blocks on the new 2.4 km-long north breakwater, and on the 600 m-long extension of the south breakwater. A long-arm excavator is used to place these blocks, which are from 2 m3 to 14 m3. In specific cases, a cable crane is used. Placement is entering a tricky phase on the roundhead and crest both on the north and south breakwaters. 
Placement is carried out with divers assisted by the POSIBLOC™ system which is set up on the excavator.
A multi-beam scan of the breakwaters together with the GEOSUB™ system, are used to perform a real-time analysis of the interlocking and placement of the ACCROPODE™ II blocks.

The cloud of points obtained is then processed through the multi-beam and GEOSUB™ systems and converted into a 3D model using BLOCKSfit™ system.
The Port-la-Nouvelle extension project is particularly innovative in its use of specific blocks by their shapes and textures: the ECOPODE™ armour block and the ACCROBERM™ II toe berm block which both fall within the framework of eco-designing.
A scientific committee dedicated to this project and comprised of experts, has approved these eco-design solutions. An environmental follow-up will be conducted in order to assess the efficiency of these solutions regarding the development of biodiversity.
Courtesy of the Occitanie Pyrénées – Méditerranée Region