Phase 2 of the project concerning the “Refurbishment and consolidation of the Laubeuf and the offshore breakwaters at Cannes Harbour, France

This autumn, the consortium formed by TP Spada, Razel-Bec, Campenon Bernard and Negri & Fils launched phase 2 of the project and introduced some new resources such as an underwater drone and a high-capacity excavator.
With CLI providing advice for the choice of equipment, guidance on the methodology and extensive training, phase 2 is seeing an increase in the pace at which the ACCROPODE™ II units are placed.

The consortium has also set up an armour facing monitoring system involving aerial photogrammetry combined with underwater sonar, in order to develop a 3D model of the ACCROPODE™ II armour facing which will be used in the context of the works acceptance procedure. Fine tuning of these systems is almost complete.

In spite of a rough start to the winter with frequent storms, the ACCROPODE™ II armour facing stood up well during the construction phase.
To follow-up on the obligation to stop the works on site due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic, the consortium has started resuming works on site at the end of April 2020. The resumption of works is carried out under safety measures, placement of blocks has started on the last phase of the project: Phase III.