Map Ta Phut Industrial Port Development Phase 3 (Stage 1), Thailand – ACCROPODE™ I project, construction has started

3D physical model tests were carried out at the CSIR laboratory, (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research in South Africa) to check and confirm the stability of the single-layer ACCROPODE™ I armour. These tests were monitored by the Designer PRDW Consulting Port and Industrial Engineers. ITALIAN-THAI DEVELOPMENT PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED has already started the construction of a 3 km-long core and it also started the fabrication of the 70 000 ACCROPODE™ I blocks which will be used for the armour of the 7 km-long breakwaters.
ACCROPODE™ I blocks of sizes 1 m3, 2 m3 and 4 m3 will be placed on the armour.
CLI has conducted its first onsite technical assistance visit, which goal was to support the company and guide it through the fabrication of 200 formworks and the implementation of a quality control to check the newly casted ACCROPODE™ I blocks. The placement phase is planned to start I December 2022 / January 2023, after the Company has been trained for placement by CLI.