Kuantan Port (Malaysia) – CLI delivers Compliance Certificates

The ACCROPODE™ II armour layer works on the breakwater of the new Deep Water Port of Kuantan should be completed by the end of the year by the joint venture IJM-CHEC.

The Owner’s representative ECERDC has requested CLI to implement a Compliance Certificate Procedure aiming at granting all stakeholders with the guaranty that the armour layer complies with the standards of the ACCROPODE™ II trademark and the technique.

CLI, along with an independent accredited inspection company for continuously inspecting the works, has organized and supervised this process and will deliver the Compliance Certificate once the works are completed.

This service is provided thanks to the new dedicated web tool “clicertificationtool.com” allowing to share the results of the inspections with all parties and manage the entire documentation. This is the fourth project where this CLI certification procedure is implemented and more similar projects are to come soon.