Kuantan new deep water port obtains its ACCROPODE™ II Certification

An impressive structure built in compliance with the right standards

RANHILL developed the design and performed the works supervision. 
The 4.6 km-long breakwater was completed in December 2019 using 62 000 ACCROPODE™ II blocks of sizes ranging from 2 m3 to 5 m3. The breakwater is protected on both sides by an ACCROPODE™ II armour layer, which lies on the seabed at - 12 m below mean sea level, and rises to + 12 m above mean sea level.
This impressive structure was completed by the IJM-CHEC JV and has obtained the COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE delivered by CLI stating that the ACCROPODE™ II armour layer has been built according to the standards set out by this specific technology.
The Client ECERDC has requested a certificate of this type in order to certify that the technology was correctly implemented on the structure. 

Specific web tool set up by CLI

Therefore, CLI took the lead in order to organize the full procedure needed to deliver this certificate. In order to perform the inspections on daily basis, CLI accredited a diving company as a third party to be in charge of inspecting the works. Based on the outcomes of these inspections, CLI issued the certificate to IJM-CHEC JV. In order to issue a certificate of this type , a huge amount of data such as videos, photos and inspection reports is required. In order to facilitate the process, CLI has developed and set up a specific web tool which is dedicated to the breakwater inspections. It allows CLI and the project stakeholders to gather all necessary data for each individual breakwater cross-section, and highlight specific points. It significantly reduces the data processing and allows possible issues to be detected in a few seconds. Additionally, this web tool is accessible to all stakeholders with a security code.
The Final Compliance Report was presented by CLI in the ECERDC offices on January 23rd 2020 and the COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE was delivered on February 4th 2020.