Jeddah Central Development CORE-LOC project – Saudi Arabia

The number of CORE-LOC units required for this project, has been estimated to be 2299 units of 4.0 m3 and 2600 units of 1.5 m3.
CLI is CONTRACTOR’s technical advisor and provides a tailor-made technical assistance.

Throughout the construction period, the CONTRACTOR will undertake the placement of the CORE-LOC blocks, according to a specific framework issued by CLI and agreed upon prior to placing the CORE-LOC units on the armour. This framework, called COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE procedure, indicates that the CORE-LOC armour layer has been built according to CLI technical standards in terms of unit position, orientation and interlocking. This activity allows to ensure the Client, the Engineers and all stakeholders, that the CONTRACTOR has fulfilled its obligations to the CORE-LOC technology.