Duqm Fishery Harbour CORE-LOC™ Project - Oman

The project includes the placement of 38 656 CORE-LOC™ units in 6 different sizes from 1 to 6 m3.
To ensure the compliance of the units' placement, GALFAR ENGINEERING chose the compliance certificate service. CLI coordinated the services required to survey the armour and the processing of data to build a 3D digital twin with its partners.  

CLI’s expert and a team from our partners ID OCEAN went onsite with the necessary equipment to carry out a detailed bathymetry. The most accurate the cloud of point is, the easiest it is to automatically detect the units, to obtain a 3D digital twin. 

When there is no tide, data at waterline level is always more difficult to obtain due to the wave effects. 
This 3D digital twin will be essential for the project owner to monitor the breakwater to have a reference state for future comparisons to study the evolution of the structure over time.