La Nouvelle Route du Littoral – Réunion Island : an ACCROPODE™ II project

Réunion Island - La Nouvelle Route du Littoral (new coastal road)

The New Coastal Road is the flagship project for the Reunion Island economy.  

Along this 12km long coastal road, it is partially protected by ACCROPODE™ II armour units.

-20.900005, 55.359215

The added value of CLI

Provision of required technical elements for the good completion of the armour layer in accordance with the Contractor’s needs.

Special features of the project

The 12 km long coastal road (Route du Littoral) is a strategic link between the main city of the Island and the city of Le Port, which is the main entrance gateway for all products and goods on the Island.

The actual road is nested on an artifiial narrow stretch of reclaimed land at the bottom of the cliffs. In 2013, the Réunion Region has launched the construction works to improve road users safety. The goal was to relocate the road farther at sea in order to be out of reach from rock falls and marine submersion. Partially built on viaducts and rubblemound breakwaters, the latter are protected with about 20 000 ACCROPODE™ II armour units  of 6 m3, 8 m3 and 11m3.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Total protection length with ACCROPODE™ armour units : 4km
  • Max. seabed depth (toe): -10 m 
  • Top of the crest: +8.00 m 

Construction aspect

The breakwaters were built from land, using large crawler cranes and hydraulic shovels. 20 000 ACCROPODE™ II armour units of sizes ranging from 6 m3 to 11 mwere used to protect this coastal road.

La Région Réunion
Groupement d’entreprises GTOI – SBTPC - VCT
2013 - 2022
Role of CLI
Sublicense contract and technical assistance for ACCROPODE™ II units

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