Dibba fishery Port - Oman : a CORE-LOC™ project

Modernisation of Dibba fishery Port - Oman

Worley Oman Engineering L.L.C has been appointed as contractor by The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries of Oman to expand and upgrade the Dibba fishing harbor. The harbour's wave protection is provided by using a 1 350m long breakwater, protected by CORE-LOC™ technology with more than 20 000 2m3 and 3m3 CORE-LOC™ units. 


25.8830268, 55.9309993

The added value of CLI

Provision of required technical assistance for the good execution of the armour layer and validation of the conformity of the shell in accordance with the CORE-LOC™ block installation technique (Compliance Certificate).

Special features of the project

CLI provided its technical assistance and a Compliance Certificate for the entire installation of the CORE-LOC™ blocks on the structure.
This Compliance Certificate is a guarantee of quality. The monitoring and verification of the installation is done using a 3D model of the armour  based on bathymetric and photogrammetric surveys during construction.

hydraulic conditions

  • Total length of the CORE-LOC™ armour: 1350 m  
  • Max. seabed depth (toe): -9 m
  • Top of the crest: +8.50


Construction Aspect

The breakwater was built from the crest using large crawler cranes .
20 350 CORE-LOC™ blocks were used for this project.

  • Unit size of CORE-LOC™ units: 2m3 and 3m3



Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MOAF)
JV Sarooj construction company, Doha marine company
Worley Oman Engineering L.L.C
2021 - 2023
Role of CLI
Compliance Certificate
Sublicense contract and technical assistance for CORE-LOC™ units

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