Constanta Port extension, northern breakwater, romania

The CONSTANTA PORT AUTHORITIES has awarded the Contractor to build the extension of the northern breakwater of the port of Constanta in Romania.

44.116367, 28.702297

The added value of CLI

In this project, CLI was involved as the ACCROPODE™ II technology provider and provided technical assistance with placing drawings, advice on best practices, and onsite technical assistance

Special features of the project

The units were placed using a hydraulic shovel which generates a high level of efficiency and fast placement. 

An appropriate selection of equipment, (hydraulic shovel, rotating hydraulic hook, ECHOSCOPE™), the support by a specialized/qualified divers’ team and focusing on CLI’s recommendations were beneficial to achieve the high performances and natural placement principles of the ACCROPODE™ II technology.

During the work execution, a strong storm which significantly impacted the breakwater works only caused minor delays to the ACCROPODE™ II placement and had very few damages on the completed areas.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Design wave conditions: Hs 7.7m Tp 10s
  • Depth of the units -17 m
  • Length of the structure : 1 km
  • Crest level of the structure: +10 m

Construction aspect

  • Number of units: 17 500
  • Size of units: 3, 9 and 12m3
  • 22 to 27 rows in the slope Particularities at the connection with existing breakwater with STABILOPODS units and cubic units.
  • Concrete using cement plus Fiber
  • Use of ECHOSCOPE™ system for placing
Port de Constanta
2003 - 2015
Role of CLI
Concession contract and technical assistance for ACCROPODE™ II units

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