Cerbère protection works, France

The small city of Cerbere is protected against South East Mediterranean winter waves by a breakwater. This structure has been successively damaged and repaired until it was finally washed out by a storm in December 2008. Since this breakwater is crucial, it was decided to reconstruct it with a much more stable armour layer.

42.441695, 3.167977

The added value of CLI

A good understanding between the contractor and CLI has permitted a good organization of the works in a very narrow working space.

The preparation of the placing of the units with suitable equipment and trained personnel has permitted an exceptionally high rate of placement of the 9m3 units thus avoiding destruction of the partially constructed breakwater

Special features of the project

Reconstruction works took place in 2010 and the armour layer reconstruction had to take place after the summer touristic season i.e. Septembers 1st and before the winter storms i.e. around October 15th, leaving only 6 weeks for the preparation of the armour layer toe and the installation of the ACCROPODE™ II units.

A storm hit the non-completed works on October 10th with only minor disruptions to the woks and causing only a few days delay in the completion of the works thanks to the Contractor’s decision to hire a fully experienced diving specialist for the installation of the armour layer.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Length of CL structure: 122m
  • Max. water depth (toe):-10m
  • Top of the crest: +4m
  • Design wave Hs: 6.85 m
  • Wave period Tp: 12.5 s
  • MWL +0.70m
  • 3D model test: Artelia (France)

Construction aspect

  • 628 No ACCROPODE™ II units
  • 9.0 m3 size
  • Trimming of underlayer, placement of armour units and placement of most of the toe mound carried out in 6 weeks 4 hours per day because of other constrains
Ville de Cerbère
2010 - 2010
Role of CLI
Sublicence granted to the Contractor and technical assistance provided during construction

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