Braka nuclear power plant

Barakah nuclear power plant is located on the coast 53 km west of Ruwais and 300 km west of Abu Dhabi city. The owner is ENEC. NMDC Contractor was awarded a contract for the construction of breakwaters for the intake and discharge channels.

23.974025, 53.072702777778

The added value of CLI

The placement of units was performed with POSIBLOC™ positioning system from March 2012 to October 2014.

Special features of the project

The project involves 15 kilometres of new breakwaters protected with 99 500 CORE-LOC™ units.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Cumulated length of CORE-LOC™ breakwaters: 15 km
  • Max. seabed depth (toe): -6.5 m
  • Top of the crest: +4.5 m
  • Design wave Hs: 4.1 m

Construction aspect

  • CORE-LOC™ units produced on site and transported by truck or barge.
  • CORE-LOC™ sizes: 1.4 m3 and 2.0 m3
  • 99 500 CORE-LOC™ units
  • Concrete quantity: 139 721 m3
  • POSIBLOC™ positioning system was used for the placement.
United Arab Emirates
2012 - 2014
Role of CLI
Sublicence granted to the Contractor and technical assistance provided during construction

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