AZ Zour Project IWPP breakwater construction in Kuwait

Company K.S.C was awarded a contract for the construction of a seawall breakwater for Az Zour North IWPP project located in the Persian Gulf, 80km South of Kuwait city (Kuwait).

28.717393359841, 48.388740695706

The added value of CLI

The placement of units was performed with placing drawings provided by CLI. The positioning was performed with GPS and divers supervision from October 2014 to September 2015.

Special features of the project

The breakwater is protected with CORE LOC™ units: 7 104 units of 1.0m3

Hydraulic conditions

  • Length of CORE LOC™ armouring: 600m
  • Max. seabed depth: -4.0m
  • Top of the crest: +6.0m
  • Design wave Hs: 3.6m

Construction aspect

  • The CORE LOC™ units were cast in the Contractor's casting yard near the site. CORE LOC™
  • size: 1.0 m3 7 104 CORE LOC™ units in total
  • Concrete quantity: 7 104 m3
  • The placing of the units took place from land. A toe excavation had been performed in order to reduce the risk of sand erosion.
Gulf Dredging & General Contracting Company K.S.C
2014 - 2015

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