Ain Oktor and Korbous road - Shoreline protection works and restoration – Tunisia : an ACCROPODE™ project

Ain Oktor and Korbous road - Shoreline protection works and restoration – Tunisia

The company SOTUTRASM has been appointed as contractor for the execution of diverse stabilization and protection works along the road linking Ain Oktor and Korbous villages, in Tunisia. The project includes the construction of a rubble-mound breakwater using ACCROPODE™ I armour units.
The coastal road RR128 borders the town of Korbous, located on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Tunisia. This road has been closed to traffic since 2001 due to landslides, dismantling and gradual collapse of the gabion wall buttresses. The revetment that has been constructed extends over a length of 1 350 meters and is made up of different segments in rock and artificial armour blocks. The manufacturing and installation of approximately 8 000 ACCROPODE™ I units represent a concrete volume of around 30 000 m3. Three different block sizes have been used for this project: 2.5 m3, 4 m3 and
5 m3.

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The added value of CLI

CLI developed a great understanding of the Contractor’s needs and applied a problem-solving mindset to this specific project.

Special features of the project

Access to construction equipment, bringing personnel and materials to the project area is complex due to its location along a narrow strip of land between the sea and the mountains.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Cumulated length of ACCROPODE™ I armour: 1 350 m
  • Max. seabed depth (toe): - 5.21 m MLWS
  • Top of the crest: +6.83 m MLWS
  • Design wave Hs: 5.40 mm; Tp: 11s



Construction Aspect

A physical model of the structure was tested at the hydraulic laboratory to verify its stability before construction. The casting of ACCROPODE™ I armour units took place between late 2020 and late 2022. Placing the ACCROPODE™ I armour units with a crane started in the first quarter of 2022.


Ministry of Equipment and Housing – General Directorate for Bridges and Roads
STUDI International
2020 - 2023
Role of CLI
Sublicense contract and technical assistance for ACCROPODE™ units

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