Açu breakwater armouring açu 2 - placement

The project consisted in building an access bridge of nearly 3 km long and 26.6 m wide, a link to the coast, to create a 10 berths port facility for mooring vessels. Offshore loading and unloading facilities will crete an important coal and iron ore facility in Brazil.


-21.815192360562, -41.004937767103

The added value of CLI

In this project, CLI was involved as the CORE-LOC™ technology provider and provided technical assistance, 3D placing drawing and training to implement the technology, advice on best practices, and onsite technical assistance

Special features of the project

The initially designed breakwater as a rubble mound structure of almost 2 km long protected with CORE-LOC™ armour units of 3.9 m3 and 5 m3, was modified.

The revised design protects the access bridge with caissons and a 600 m long breakwater connects to the caisson as a rubble mound with a crown wall. It is protected with CORE-LOC™ armour units of 3.9 mon the slope. The contractor has placed around 4 700 units using a crawler crane and POSIBLOC™ system.

Hydraulic conditions

  • Design wave conditions: Hs 2.2m - Tp 9s
  • Depth of the units at toe level : -9.1m
  • Length of the structure : 600m
  • Crest level of the structure: +6.75m

Construction aspect

  • Number of units: 4700 units
  • Size of units: 3,9 m3
  • 19 rows in the slope POSIBLOC™ system
  • Underlayer survey with multi-beam sonar
  • Placing drawing in 3D
LLX Minas, Brésil
FCC TARRIO TX-1 Construções Ltda
CH2M Hill, New York, USA
2013 - 2015
Role of CLI
Concession contract and technical assistance for CORE-LOC™ units

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