Our group is not tied to any industrial group or financial institution and all licensing operations are offered with a strict equivalence to all contracting parties. CLI is committed to maintaining strict confidentiality of exchanges with its partners and clients.


For more than 30 years, our single layer units have been used for the protection of all types of breakwaters and coastal protection and defences around the world. The rules of conduct and engineering excellence within our group preclude the idea that our armour layers could be exposed to risk of failure. Consequently every project is scrutinized before implementation and recommendations to the client or the responsible bodies are dispatched. Our armour units have a very substantial and unrivalled safety coefficient when and as long as the fabrication and placement standards are correctly implemented and maintained.


For every new challenge we have the expertise, experience, techniques and tools for adapting the basic solutions to any specific case. Our concrete units, and even more their latest evolutions, are very versatile and can cope with any particular design detail and unusual construction demand. Modern technology and equipment allows even further what it is possible to construct.


CLI is open to any new concept and our staffs are keen to assist in developing projects on innovative grounds. Our team is available through any modern communication system and is committed to assist customers as soon as required. Internet links are organized for swift exchange of data, images and videos thus allowing a rapid response to queries.

Functioning (how it works)

CLI technical assistance is first based on a clear understanding of the project constraints and by the contractor's preferred methods which triggers a technical exchange of experience with the contractor's staff. Working methods are jointly developed and training sessions organised until the contractor’s staff and operators are familiar with and able to implement the CLI technology. During the construction of the project the CLI technical assistance team gives assistance until smooth and continuous operation is achieved.


Indeed, SOGREAH initiated and developed the single layer armour units technique 30 years ago with the first generation of ACCROPODE™ units. Nevertheless, mindful that technical excellence and innovation play a vital role; we constantly strive to improve and update our single-layer techniques, and hence remain at the leading edge of technological innovation.

Thanks to its high level of expertise and in-house modelling technology (numerical and physical), the group has always reinvested royalties from its patents and associated trademarks in research, especially to improve efficiency during placing operations, reduce costs and minimise risks. CLI is also open to new project concepts and its staff is keen to provide assistance for developing innovative projects.