The CLI single layer technologies are based on high performance and robust technical principles backed up by a solid team experience. Most projects have been constructed with the use of the existing knowledge within the technical assistance team and that of the contractor. In recent times large scale projects or other projects in a particular context have enhanced our technology over and above what had been thought possible or achieved. Thanks to its professional analysis of the technology demands for the future, CLI has recognised the needs of Engineers and Contractors and has made available innovative construction tools together with high performance quality control systems. CLI is also in touch with top range researchers for developing the computational tools of the future. When a particular need is expressed by the professional community CLI has the appropriate professional links for rapidly assembling the necessary skills and making possible what was once just a bright idea.


Optimising volume of armour concrete

Laboratory testing and FEMDEM calculations

Maximum use of space and time for fabrication, handling and storage

Storage on two levels (Synthetic image) 

Easy placement of units in any condition

View of placement using POSIBLOC™

POSIBLOC™ paper - ICCE 2008 (198 ko)

Description of the POSIBLOC™ system (354 ko)

Safe mechanical behaviour in any condition




In search of solutions, CLI develop partnerships with high-level experts. This is why CLI is proactive on all requests in relation to artificial armour units.