A computing tool is available on CLI's website. This calculator is only intended as guidance to assist design engineers in completing preliminary estimates at the early stages of the armour design work. It is based on the Hudson’s formula for breakwater armouring design.

However, this version includes a variation in KD in function of the seabed slope in front of the structure combined with wave breaking or non breaking (the KD reduction according to the seabed slope is based on physical model results).

An option is also available by entering the parameters 9 and 10 (see table below). The calculator will automatically check the number of rows along the armour slope and will display the most suitable unit size, since this becomes the governing factor.

Input parameters list:


Output parameters list :

The information generated using this computing tool is only indicative and is not a substitute for detailed calculation undertaken by a professional engineer which may involve a physical model of the breakwater subject to wave action. 

Simulations may help clarify some of the main parameters but cannot be used directly to establish the actual basis for the armour design. 

The Designer remains totally responsible for the complete analysis and definition of the armour design. 

CLI can provide assistance and advice at all stages, whenever required, on issues influencing the final design.

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