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Innovation & services
CLI, a team of experts!

A team dedicated to your projects providing remote and on-site services

CLI, a team of experts, responsive and available

CLI is a team of experts, available to provide you with round-the-clock answers right from the sketch of your projects. We work on a shared knowledge in hydraulic model tests and on-site and with a long-term feed-back.

Because we care about climate change and also to enhance our responsiveness and interactive exchanges with Stakeholders on work sites, Design offices and laboratories, CLI Team develops its means of remote communication thanks to interactive video devices. For instance, the number of videoconferences and remote training was multiplied by 5 during the last 3 years. The technical on-site assistance to Contractors remains as usual.
Our services bear on subjects of technical expertise, advising on project designing or thru the hot-lines during the works. Exchanges are made in French, English, Spanish and Arabic. These remote exchanges are proposed in addition to the on-site visits and meetings which remain essential.

The assurance of a round-the-clock technical and commercial service

Michel Fons CLI Managing Director
Michel Fons, has been CLI Managing Director since 2014. 
He is in charge of all the upstream technical requests as well as of all contractual and financial matters. As an expert in large civil projects for more than 20 years, Michel Fons provides a pragmatic view on the operational organisation of the works. To do so efficiently, he is in direct relationship with Contractors, worldwide Partners, Designers, official local Authorities and Hydraulic Laboratories. Michel Fons also takes a regular and active part in the research & development of new technologies.
Michel FONS is assisted by:
Sylvaine Gilbert, as Executive Assistant and Lucie Aubert, as Administrative Assistant. Both assistants take an active part in the follow-up of CLI activity, Sylvaine is more particularly in close contact with the Partners and Hydraulic Laboratories and Lucie with the suppliers.

Sylvaine Gilbert, executive Assistant Lucie Aubert, administrative Assistant

The guarantee for an assistance rich with a wide-range of technical experience shared within the team 

Cyril Giraudel  is a Technical Advisor and CLI Technical Assistance Manager. He supervises the technical team and also takes effective part in the Research & Development of new technologies and tools.

These five technical experts who are entirely dedicated to all the technologies commercialised by CLI work in support for the upstream technical requests and are in charge of the on-site technical assistance, collaborate with the Designers, the Contractors and the Hydraulic Laboratories.

five technical experts


They are assisted in their tasks by Eléonore Labruyère, Projects Assistant and Evariste Ruiz, expert draftman in charge of the placing drawings.

Projects assistant and expert draftman


Appeal to our team of experts and engineers for your projects, we benefit from a long-term background and experience and we will provide you with necessary and useful coherence from the Design and model testing stages to the actual implementation of your projects.