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Construction completed
Breakwater extension

Successful current work with Van Oord at Constanta Port: more than 16 000 ACCROPODE™ II units placed on the breakwater extension

ACCROPODE™ II placement at Constantza, Romania

Van Oord was awarded on 5th February 2013 the extension of the breakwater in the Port of Constanta by the Romanian Ministry of Transport.

The casting of the ACCROPODE™ II concrete units started in September 2013 and was completed in September 2014. From May 2014 to October 2014, the Contractor has placed more than 10 000 units using hydraulic shovel which generates a high level of efficiency and fast placement. Even the strong storm which significantly impacted the breakwater works at the end of October 2014 only caused minor delays to the ACCROPODE™ II placement and very few damages to the works protected area were identified.

More than 16 000 units (3m3, 9m3 and 12m3) have been placed on the extension of the breakwater in the port of Constanta since the beginning of the works.

Constanta project is a project with a high level of quality regarding the placement and quality control. Thanks to his very good selection of equipment, (Hydraulic shovel, rotating hydraulic hook, ECHOSCOPE™), the support by specialist divers team for underwater placement and the focus of the contractor to make use of the Concrete Layer Innovations (CLI)  recommendations, the properly trained contractor’s team could take benefit of the high performances and natural placement principles of the ACCROPODE™ II technology. Another beautiful reference for Van Oord, CLI and the ACCROPODE™ II technique.

  • ACCROPODE™ II under cold weather at Constantza, Romania