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Specific services : Assistance to Hydraulic Laboratories

Specific services : Assistance to Hydraulic Laboratories

Stability model testing remains part of the essential tools in assessing the stability of a breakwater facing the project’s waves. The proper representativeness of the model tests depends on the materials used to construct the model and also depends on the building methodology of all the construction components of the breakwater, in particular of the armour layer.

Aiming at the best quality in representing the stability of the works in situ and as CLI’s upstream Technical Assistance during the actual construction phase of the structure, we propose to the Contractors or the Hydraulic Laboratories a wide range of categories of ACCROPODE™, ACCROPODE™ II, CORE-LOC™ or ECOPODE™ model units. For a perfect consistence between laboratory and onsite placements, CLI offers Technical Assistance services to train lab members to the placement of the model units together with the provision of specific technical placement documentation.

With around twenty rental agreements per year – 9 already signed in 2017 – CLI works in close cooperation with the hydraulic laboratories in France and worldwide, for instance, Artelia Eau et Environnement (France), INHA (Spain), LHI (Sri Lanka), DHI (Denmark). 

We also have a long-term collaboration with HR Wallingford (GB) : more than 16 000 ACCROPODE™ model units were rented during a major project in India for 3D models in 2015, 5 big projects using our technologies were tested last year. In 2017, HRW has successfully tested the project of Aberdeen Harbour Expansion (Scotland) using 8 500 ACCROPODE™ II units (see picture below): this project is now under construction phase with our confirmed ACCROPOE™ II blocks for the account of Dragados UK Ltd.