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Protect the new coast road in Réunion

New coast road in Réunion - Prefabrication Plant for 6 m³, 8 m³ and 11 m³ ACCROPODE™ II armour units

Prefabrication Plant - ACCROPODE™ II armour units

On 6 November, SCPR (Société de Concassage et de Préfabrication de la Réunion) inaugurated a plant for prefabricating concrete blocks that will be used to protect the breakwaters of the new coast road in Réunion.

The 6 m³, 8 m³ and 11 m³ ACCROPODE™ II armour units will be placed on the most exposed sections of the structure, while the specific gravity of some of them will be increased for the most critical areas. The prefabrication plant was developed by Advanced Precast Systems (APS), subsidiary of CBE Group (Saint Avertin - France), which has regularly consulted CLI with a view to developing a unique, innovative process for delivering a uniform, high-quality product. For CLI, this represents a significant step forward that could be reproduced on other projects throughout the world. It is also a further demonstration of the adaptability of the ACCROPODE™ II technology.

The next step will be to place the blocks on the structure. This is planned to go ahead in the coming weeks. A visit by CLI specialists is already on going these days in the training mock-up area with a view to training the teams in charge of placing the armour layer. Placing at sea will follow a few days later.