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COPEDEC VIII Conference, 20-24 February 2012, in Chennai, India

The eighth International Conference on Coastal and Port Engineering in Developing Countries (COPEDEC), an event that takes place but once every four years, has drawn to a close in the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) at Madras in southern India.

This conference brought together around 400 participants, all professionals in the maritime market (including Owners, designers, maritime contractors, and teaching professionals specialising in disciplines specific to the maritime sector).  

In the last few years, India has been pursuing a vast programme of development with regard to its port infrastructure in order to respond to the huge increase in commercial exchanges, energy needs and the boom in raw materials. CLI (Concrete Layer Innovations) and Artelia Maritime (of which CLI is a subsidiary) have a historic presence in India with eleven breakwater projects, four of which are ongoing, and we continued to make our mark as leading companies in this field through the presentation of two articles on feedback from these projects, and by hosting a stand. As well as providing an opportunity to promote the advantages of the ACCROPODE™ (first and second generation) and CORE-LOC™ techniques, this event allowed us to highlight the importance of the technical assistance provided by CLI and Artelia teams in the success of such operations.  CLI depends in particular on the support of the Artelia hydraulics laboratory and the wide-ranging skill set of a team of more than 100 engineers and technicians.

This event also proved to be a valuable opportunity to reconnect with other professionals, and renew and expand our list of contacts.