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Ongoing Projects

CLI is involved in the breakwater consolidation works at Bormes-les-Mimosas

ECOPODE™ technology

The harbour at Bormes-les-Mimosas (S. France) is particularly exposed to easterly waves, which overtop the breakwater at regular intervals and on a significant scale, causing damage to the facilities behind it. 

The project drawn up by Yacht Club International at Bormes-les-Mimosas in collaboration with Corinthe Ingénierie consists in rebuilding the harbour breakwater in order to increase safety levels at the facilities.

These redevelopment works will blend in with the existing landscape thanks to armour facing units that have been designed specifically for the site, while particular attention has been paid to the nearby marine ecosystems. 


A reliable solution suited to rebuilding the breakwater

The ACCROPODE™ II single-layer solution was selected on account of its reliability and because it is particularly well suited to this type of reconstruction work. The second-generation ACCROPODE™ must be placed partly underwater, thus reducing the footprint of the breakwater in the marine environment. The ECOPODE™ technology will protect the visible part of the structure and ensure that it blends in more harmoniously with the landscape: its rocky appearance and the concrete tint make the breakwater look more natural.


In total, nearly two thousand ECOPODE™ units and eight hundred 4 and 6 m3 ACCROPODE™ II units will protect the marina against hundred-year waves.


CLI is providing assistance and passing on its expertise

Through the specialist technical assistance it provides, CLI is enabling the contractor appointed to carry out the works, Eiffage, to benefit from the wealth of expertise and experience it has acquired through the 350 projects it has completed all over the world. 
Fabrication of ECOPODE™ units has just started, with CLI helping the contractor to build the moulds and cast the first units.