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Underwater biodiversity

Biodiversity : « La Nouvelle Route Littorale project », La Réunion

Biodiversity underwater ACCROPODE™ II

“La Nouvelle Route Littorale” is a symbolic project and sets huge societal, technical, aesthetic, and environmental challenges. 


This project is subject to extremely strict environmental criteria: for instance, reduction of the underwater noise is undertaken for the conservation of cetaceans and the piles of viaducts are eco-friendly designed to create a favourable environment for the submarine biodiversity. Marine life has started to appropriate this new environment protected in artificial blocks ACCROPODE ™ II. 

The armouring protection made of artificial concrete units ACCROPODE™ II which were placed a year ago, are now colonized by pioneer organism, seaweeds and corals. Beyond these pioneers, the first fish and and crustaceans have already settled in this new artificial territory.

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