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An almost uninterrupted collaboration with ARCHIRODON Company


Zirku Island Project – UAE. ACCROPODE™ Physical model tests at Artelia laboratory, Grenoble – France.

Since 2003, an almost uninterrupted collaboration was established between CLI and ARCHIRODON Company. In Oman for the Salalah Container Port Expansion project the Contractor has used the ACCROPODE™ technology. In Egypt for the Idku LNG Port project, the CORE-LOC™ technology was selected as well as in Saudi Arabia for the Shoaiba Power Plant project. More recently, both Companies have worked together with an ACCROPODE™ armour layer in UAE on the Khalifa Port project and in Libya on the Tripoli Harbour main breakwater reconstruction.

Moreover, between 2013 and 2016, CLI and ARCHIRODON have brought their know-how together again for two new projects on Zirku Island and on Das Island, both in UAE.





The Project is located in Zirku Island, 140 km from of Abu Dhabi city. The owner is ADMA-OPCO. ARCHIRODON Contractor has been in charge of the construction of the 800m long breakwater protected with 2850 ACCROPODE™ units of 1.5m3 and 5030 ACCROPODE™ units of 2.2m3. The maximum seabed depth in last section from bend to roundhead is approximately - 10.5m. 



ARCHIRODON and CLI shared experience on details at design stage and also during the physical model tests that were performed in Artelia laboratory in Grenoble.


ACCROPODE™ units in Zirku Island.

The ACCROPODE™ units were produced in Dubai with 40 formworks already used for a previous project of Khalifa Port (2008). The placing team was trained under CLI direction in Dubai casting yard. 


CLI provided technical assistance to the Contractor during the whole process of placing the ACCROPODE™ units with dedicated site visits to Zirku Island.

The placement of units was performed with a crawler crane for underwater units and an excavator for crest units. The positioning of units according to placing drawings was performed by DGPS and checked visually with divers. From May 2013 to December 2014, placing of the units was particularly satisfactory.

ACCROPODE™ units in Zirku Island.




Das Island is located 170 km from of Abu Dhabi city. 

ADGAS (Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company LTD) as owner, awarded ARCHIRODON the contract for the construction of the west platform land reclamation on Das Island for the project INTEGRATED GAS DEVELOPMENT EXPANSION PACKAGE 1 PROJECT (IGD-E1). The armouring required approximately 3600 CORELOC™ armour units of 5m3.

The CORE-LOC™ units     

The CORE-LOC™ units were fabricated at the location called Dubai waterfront and transported by barge to Das Island afterward. 


CLI performed the placing drawings of the 3600 CORELOC™ units of 5m3, and provided usual technical assistance to the Contractor during the casting and placing with dedicated site visits to Das Island.

The units were placed by ARCHIRODON using a crawler crane and divers properly trained by CLI representatives on Das Island.

AGDAS Quality Inspection controllers were also trained by CLI representatives.

Das Island West Platform – Das Island – CORE-LOC™ underwater. units

IGD EXPANSION (IGD-E1) - Das Island West Platform – Das Island – CORE-LOC™ underwater. units


CLI trainings for ARCHIRODON and ADGAS in addition to the experience of ARCHIRODON with CLI single layer armour technologies, have generated a maximum level of efficiency, quality and fast placement for IGD-E1 project.

CORE-LOC™ units being placed with a crawler crane.

IGD EXPANSION (IGD-E1) - Das Island West Platform – Das Island – CORE-LOC™ units being placed with a crawler crane.


For the last 14 years, CLI and ARCHIRODON have collaborated on no less than 7 projects mainly in the Middle-East region. CLI Team of Specialists particularly appreciates the excellent ARCHIRODON organisation of works and equally the very well-experienced ARCHIRODON staff. It allows a fast learning curve as well as an efficient and reliable execution of the ACCROPODE™ armour layer works. This was confirmed in the two projects completed on Zirku Island and on Das Island, both in UAE. 

On Zirku Island and following a request from the Owner’s representative, CLI has put in place a procedure for a continuous inspection of the armour layer. This procedure was finalized by the award of a Compliance Certificate to ARCHIRODON at the end of the works, stating the satisfactory completion of the ACCROPODE™ armour layer.