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Resistance to strong swells

ACCROPODE™ technology in Lebanon

Beirut: offshore breakwater ACCROPODE™

The ACCROPODE™ technology has been known in Lebanon for 31 years: the first ACCROPODE™ armour units were used in 1986 for the “Extension of the main breakwater in Beirut Commercial harbor”. Since then, 14 projects have been undertaken onto the Lebanese coastline which is known for its wild seas due to its seabed that slopes dramatically to great depths.

The Lebanese companies which use the ACCROPODE™ technology have taken full measure of the means to implement: collaborating with CLI specialists enables the provision of solutions which are appreciated because of the harsh work conditions subject the weather’s whims along this Lebanese coastline.

Resistance of ACCROPODE™ armour units : there is no need for maintenance


In Lebanon, ACCROPODE™ armour units are renowned for their resistance to wave action and their easiness in the production and placements methods. 


More unusual storms have striken the region last year and the works protected by CLI have excelled through their perfect ability to resist without damages. This confirms the absence of need of maintenance for these coastal protections and breakwaters built with technologies distributed by CLI.


Ongoing projects in Lebanon


CLI is operating on different infrastructure works near Beirut at the moment, to avoid water erosion thanks to coastal protection works using ACCROPODE™ armour units.

  • Extension of the main breakwater of the Port of Beirut
  •  Protection with ACCROPODE ™ blocks
  • Rehabilitation of the coastal protection of the Dbayeh highway (North Beirut)