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Construction of artificial islands

ACCROPODE™ II armouring for the ADNOC artificial islands in UAE


The ACCROPODE™ II technique has been chosen by NMDC to protect the northern (N)and western (W) islands of the Upper Zakum Artificial Islands project and by DEME-MEDCO for the two artificial islands of the SARB (Satah al-Razboot) project. The contractors will soon be completing the fabrication of the units and are demonstrating an excellent production rate.

The first section of the northern island of the Upper Zakum project is currently nearing completion, with a significantly higher production rate than that anticipated by the contractor. NMDC, ADNOC and its PMC COWI have all appreciated the ease of placement of the unit and the quality management system implemented in the framework of CLI’s technical assistance.

At SARB, the first section of island 1 is in progress and the first units have been placed on island 2 with two innovative cranes being used by DEME-MEDCO. The quality control procedures set up by DEME-MEDCO, ADNOC and ARTELIA Abu Dhabi with the assistance of CLI are producing excellent results. Daily output and compliance with the specifications are also proving to be above expectations.

In both projects, it has been easy to place the units randomly and achieve the specified placing density by applying the natural placing principles inherent to the ACCROPODE™ II technique.

The completed stretches are perfectly consistent with the scale model tested in the laboratory, thus guaranteeing that the results of the stability and overtopping tests can be transposed to the prototype structure. The tests carried out at H.R. Wallingford showed that the stability conditions were fully satisfied.

Quality control on site resulted in near 100% approval of the placed areas, ensuring that work can progress quickly and that the breakwaters will be effectively and permanently protected.