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Successful collaboration

2016-2018: successful collaboration between CLI and China Harbour Engineering Company in the context of four projects in Asia and Africa

As 2016 draws to a close, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) has once again called on CLI’s experience in the context of a coal-fired plant project in Pakistan. 

The maritime structures will be protected by CORE-LOC™ type concrete armour facing units.


CHEC has been appointed by China Power Hub Generation Company to build the HUB thermal power plant, located about twenty kilometres west of Karachi. The project involves the structures being protected by 70,200m3 of CORE-LOC™ concrete units in five different sizes (from 1.70m3 to 7.90 m3). To do so, CLI has signed a sub-licencing agreement with CHEC for the manufacture and placing of these blocks. The works are scheduled to be carried out over a two-year period.


It is the second time that CHEC and CLI have collaborated on a project in Karachi, since the breakwaters at Karachi Pakistan Deep Water Container Port were built recently using the same type of concrete armour facing units.

CORE-LOC™ type concrete armour facing units
Hub Power Company Limited (HubCo) has gradually increased the capacity of the coal-fired power plant to 3600 MW. A 727m long breakwater will protect ships and structures during coal-unloading operations.


Three other collaborations between CHEC and CLI on large-scale projects


This new sub-licencing contract for CORE-LOC™ units follows on from another contract signed on 4 October 2016 with this major Chinese company to build a breakwater in the new container port of Tema in Ghana.

For this project, CHEC selected ACCROPODE™ II units to protect the maritime structures. 

No fewer than 20,417 units measuring 2 m³ will be placed over approximately 2 years. CLI is already assisting the company with the 3D tests currently being conducted at the laboratory of Zhejiang university in China. The works on site have commenced and the first unit is set to be placed in February 2017.

CORE-LOC™ type concrete armour facing units
Tema - Ghana: New container port
Meridian Port Services (MPS), a joint venture between APM Terminals, Bolloré Africa Logistics and the Ghana Ports & Harbour Authority, is a new port development project close to the existing port in Tema, located 25 km east of Accra.


Still in Africa, CHEC is carrying out works to build breakwaters at the mouth of Vridi canal in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The works are in progress and involve a sub-licencing agreement for CORE-LOC™ units and of course the assistance of CLI’s technical teams. More than a third of the CORE-LOC™ units have already been manufactured, and placing operations are scheduled to start in December 2016.

CORE-LOC™ type concrete armour facing units
Vridi Canal – Ivory Coast
Within the framework of improvement of access to the Abidjan Port, CHEC is carrying out protection of the mouth of the Vridi Canal with the protection works made out of CORE-LOC™ blocks.


Lastly, CLI is assisting CHEC with the placing of coastal structures to protect an administrative city built on an island accommodating the border post between China and Macao, in the context of the “Hong Kong – Zhuhai - Macao Bridge link road project” (bridges and underwater tunnels connecting Macao to Hong Kong). For this project, which is out of the ordinary in terms of design and construction aspects alike, CHEC has selected the ACCROPODE™ technology to protect the most exposed areas of the island. The works on the armour facing have now been completed.


With CLI, CHEC has hence found the solutions and services that meet the various issues and requirements it is facing.

ACCROPODE™ technology to protect the most exposed areas of the island
Located directly east of Chek Lap Kok airport in Hong Kong, the island will accommodate the administrative authorities in charge of border control for the thousands of visitors travelling between Macao and Hong Kong every day.