Single-layer systems consist of un-reinforced concrete armour units specifically designed for the protection of exposed coastal structures. Their combined qualities produce solutions which are as reliable as conventional double-layer systems and at the same time cost-effective.

Pioneer in single-layer technology, the ACCROPODE technique invented in 1981 by SOGREAH in France is backed by extensive research and experience gained with the Tetrapod unit invented by SOGREAH since 1953. Right from the 1980s, the ACCROPODE™ single-layer technique was a success.

Recognising the research behind the single-layer invention, the profession had no doubts about its advantages; that is why the number of applications has grown steadily ever since.

The success of this first single layer unit has triggered the invention of several other systems proposed by SOGREAH and its partners. The CORE-LOC™ unit invented by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and patented in 1995, is one of the most economical units available, and is ideally suited for moderate wave exposure sites.

The ECOPODE™ unit, patented in 1996 by SOGREAH, with its rock-like appearance and adaptable color, enables to meet the aesthetic requirements on sensitive sites, and blends perfectly into the surrounding landscape.

Based on the experience gained at that time, the shape of the ACCROPODE™ has been improved to make a new step forward. Invented and patented by Sogreah since 1999 for particularly exposed sites and difficult work conditions, the new generation known as ACCROPODE™ II has been developed for industrial applications in 2003-2004

The advantages of the ACCROPODE™ II unit are its enhanced hydraulic performance, greater sturdiness and easier placement. These aspects have been checked and validated since 2003 by specific studies, physical model tests, and in real site conditions.

Today, the best proof of contractors' and clients' confidence in the merits and advantages of the single-layer technique together with a dedicated team of highly experimented technicians and engineers is the many successful projects for which it has been adopted worldwide.

CLI has acquired, over many years and successful applications on over 250 projects worldwide, in depth knowledge for the construction of rubble mound breakwaters by different construction means and equipment together and, in addition to, research and development studies. CLI is open to share this in-depth knowledge as required.